30 Army anybody got one? here tis


1st Dominion HS 30 Army asked for one in his Chritsmas stocking I got it instead sorry.


Interesting post…


Goodness! stevesummers is apparently unaware of one of the unspoken rules of etiquette on the forum regarding the annual Santa wish list, which essentially states that anyone posting a picture prior to January 1st of an item that they possess which someone else has wished for is required to ship that item to the wishee without delay. The wishee is expected to pay the cost of shipping, upon receipt of the item, except in cases where it is apparent that the poster’s sole intent was to elicit envy on the part of the wishee.

Congratulations, 30Army.


Lets get something straight here.
“I am innocent of all charges” I don’t even know who stevesummers IS
he is apparently unaware that he is stupid, and he does not know what etiquette and envy and rules and wishee means tooo!
innocent I tell you innocent!!