.30 ball identification request

I have a question regarding this cartridge, a 30.06 caliber. Is it particularly collectible and also I would like to know what the G stands for on the headstamp.

I don’t think it can be called rare or scarce. It is from the 1930’s, up to about 1940 (the Co was dropped then). The W.R.A.Co. is for Winchester Repeating Arms Company and this is a commercial round from that company. If you collect commercial 30-06 and don’t have one, its collectable.

.30 G was often used before WWII to reflect the 30-06’s military designation. Some boxes would have both designations on them, I believe. The 1906 date reflects the year this cartridge came into being.

The “G” stands for “Government”…Read “Military”…as the Chief stated…

Thanks for the prompt reply! This is a great website.