30 cal [30-06] french id


1 = TEP 4 53 P 7.62 [ What does the wine coloured primer signify]

2 = Similar round in all aspects, came amongst other french 30 Cal
but no headstamp, except the primer annalus and the outer groove on the primer pocket [ as with many French 30 Cal rounds ] and neck seal
are heavily sealed in a dark reddish black, any ideas?



Can’t remember all the various french Makers, but the first set of letters (9 o’clock) signifiy the ammo assembler, and the 3 o’clock letter is the case metal supplier ( who may supply the coils of sheet metal, or the partly drawn cups)

The colour of the primer seal and neck seal lacquer is arbitrary…usually black, red or Purplish…may differ from year to year, and assembler to assembler. NO significance.

NO headstamp? a case missed a stage (head bunt) but otherwise was OK to load. Most factories imprint the headstamp marks with a machine separate from the Head Form and Primer Pocket formation machines. That way the hardness of the head can be more properly controlled ( each step in case head formation increases the Work Hardening of the case head, to the level required for safe use.

Regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


Terry–Are you sure the letters at 9:00 are TEP and not just TE. I know of no 3 letter codes on French .30-06 found in the 9:00 position. There are a few metal suppliers (3:00 position) that use 3 letters. If it is actually just 2 letter, then
TE = Cartoucherie de Toulouse, Toulouse, France; “P” = Societe Anonyme des Mines et Fonderies de Pontgibaud (Metal Supplier)

Your round may be either a “Ball Ordinaire Model 49” or a
"Ball Ordinaire Model 49A". The Model 49 has CNCS bullet jacket with a smooth cirimping cannelure while the 49A
may be either CNCS or GMCS but has a knurled crimping cannelure.


Yes your right, it is TE @ 9 o’clock and P @ 3 o’clock
The headstamp I have identified and also the brass maker
TE is Cartoucherie de Toulouse and the P is Pontciband [brass factory ]
I was more questioning about the coloured primer.