.30 Cal. Ammunition Box from IMI

When I logged on I thought this had become the International Ammunition Box Association Forum…

While ammunition boxes are obviously the current trend, I’ll dare to add a little color other than olive drab to the mix.

Headstamp is “.30 IMI 92” and links are marked “M1 1-90 IMI”.

Perhaps some M1919 variants still in service that late or were there other MGs in Israel that used this?


According to the NSN (code 13) these were type classified for Belgium.
And as this number is applied here this ammo is very unlikely to be used by Israel then.

No .30-06 weapons in Israeli service in 1990. I think everything in that caliber had been converted or sold off by the 1960s.


Thank you very much for the information. I’ll have to remember that NSN code for country ID when available.

Now I’m curious, (being pretty ignorant on the subject) what would be the likely MG used by Belgium in that era (or currently) to make noise with these blanks?