30 Cal Carb QU?

Hello Out There. i came accross a 30 Cal Carb with an unusual Headstamp.

The top of the headstamp at 12 O’clock says 30 M1. And at 6 O’clock the number 60.

Any Idea Who Made It and Were? The copper coated bullet is magnetic.

Thanks In Advance, joe


I have that one identified as Dominican Republic 1960.


Thanks Flectarn.

 Got another one if You Dont Mind?  i have another 30 Carb with a SBMC 30 Carbine headstamp.  Its got a bullet thats 1/2 copper and the top half lead with an open an point bullet.  Any Thoughts?  Thanks,   joe


I am not near my collection at present but I believe that one is Squires Bingham Manufacturing Corp./Arms Corporation of the Phillipines(ARMSCOR). As to the bullet, my thought is some type of commercial expanding bullet.

Are you a .30 carbine cartridge collector?


Many Thanks Again Flectarn,

I am a 30 Carb collector. Infact, I collect most US Military small arm rounds from 223 up to 90 Cal. That would include both pistol and rifle. Any Doubles you’d like to sell? My e-mail is inco1@msn.com.

Take Care, joe


I sent you an email with Cartridges in the subject line.