.30 Cal. Krag Cartridge & Pressure Gauge Drawings, Frankford Arsenal 1898, WRA Co. Technical Drawing Collection


From the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, McCracken Research Library digital collection, WRA Co. drawing collection here are 2 drawings from Frankford Arsenal, both dated 1898, showing detailed aspects of the .30 Cal. Krag cartridge & the .30 Cal. (Krag) Rifle Pressure Gauge

Included in the two pdf’s below is a screen shot of the drawing in its entirety and then screen shots of enlarged sections of the drawings to provide better detail.

0.30 Cal. Krag Frankford Arsenal Drawing, 1898, WRA Co. Drawing File.pdf (1.2 MB)

0.30 Cal. (Krag) Rifle Pressure Gauge, Frankford Arsenal Drawing 1898, WRA Co. File.pdf (2.2 MB)

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Great information, particularly how a U.S. pressure barrel looked at the time. Thank you very much.


Great drawings Brian.
Here is the Krag cartridge used in that gun.