.30 Cal. Light Rifle Case Types

.30 Cal. Light Rifle Case Types

Case Type, Case Length, Cartridge Type, Headstamp, Reference

Brass (L-R):

T65, (47mm), T65 Ball, FA 45, HWS II p.233

FAT 1, (49mm), T65E1 Ball (Alt.), FA 48 *, HWS III p.155

FAT 1E1, (49mm), T65E2 Ball, FA 48, HWS III p.158

FAT 1E3, (51mm), T104E1 Ball, FA 51, HWS III p.167

Aluminum (L-R):

T5, (47mm), T65 Ball, NHS (Likely Remington ca. 1948), HWS III p.152

“FAT 1E1 Configuration”, (49mm), T65E2 Ball, NHS (Remington ca. 1950), HWS III p.159

FAT 1E3, (51mm), T104E1 Ball, RA 50, (Case by Remington, loaded by FA), HWS III p.164

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Dave, thanks a lot, really great reference!


An excellent and very useful exposition, thank you very much.


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Dave, again thanks for the added headstamps. I did not dare to ask…

1949 example (inert) that I believe is: FAT1E1 with 49mm case.