.30 Cal. M1906 Match? FA 56


I have this one as “International Match” likely because that’s what I was told when I aquired it.

In following recent threads on the subject in general, I understand that specifically headstamped Match cases weren’t made again until 1957. This one being 3.455" OAL and weighing 429 grains, I have to assume it is not an M2 Ball! Was this made in volume by FA or handloaded from primed brass?

Thanks for any information on this one.



Correcto-mundo on all points.

172 grain bullet. 2300 fps. FA #26 primer. IMR 4350 powder. For single loading only.

Lot FA 2165, Sub lots A-Z. Mean radius avg. group of 0.89".

Also loaded in 1954 as Lot 2164.



according to this it’s M2 ball…

img.photobucket.com/albums/v328/ … 1small.jpg



You got the wrong list. You need the one for Cal .30 Special Match Ammunition.

Would a photo of a box help to convince you?



Thanks, Ray!

While I don’t need any convincing, it would be very nice to see what the box looks like!




I had to look deep into my photo files to find this. I’ll take another showing both front and back as soon as my camera batteries are charged.


National Match and International Match are not the same thing. And there is also Palma and Olympic Match.



sorry, my bad. You got the other list Ray?





Thanks for posting that chart. What is the source? The font reminds me of COTW. Maybe an edition I don’t have…


As usual, great boxes and thank you for sharing pictures of them and the information on the subject as well.