30 Carbine ctge made by Leon Beaux

I’ve discovered Leon Beaux has manufactured 30 Carbine ctges.
Is it a scoop or no, I don’t know, because I have dropped this staff a long time ago.
In the doubt I give the info for the people collecting hstps

J-P - would love to get any information relating to this production. I collect .30 Carbine and have heard rumors of this, but I have never seen a round from Beaux, nor any information relating to their production of this caliber.

John Moss

The info is coming from a book called :
Leon Beaux Milano
Prodotti tipo USA

Inside you have detonators (for bazzoka), igniters, big shells primers, primers , accessories for mortar, and so on

Unfortunately the picture of the 30 carbine ctge is of very bad quality (too short time to take too many pictures)
Here it is

perhaps you will be abled to understand what is written verticaly

J-P - Thanks. I can’t read the writing. On my computer is is not focused sufficiently to read, at least for my old eyes. However, no matter, as it shows L. Beaux at least had an interest in the cartridge, and either intended to make it or did make it. I have never seen one.

Does anyone have a Beauz .30 Carbine round in their collection? If so, could the post a picture of the headstamp?

John Moss

Leon Beaux , of Milan, had made ammunition since the late 1800s. It made both Commercial ammo (Shotshells and Pistol ammo) as well as Military Contract Pistol and Rifle Ammo for the Italian Armed Forces, since before WW I. The Name is originally French/Jewish, but by the First World War were thoroughly “Italianised”.

During the late Fascxist era, the “jewishness” of the company disappeared,(after the 1938 Italian anti-Jewish laws), but the name remained. LBC continued to make 6,5 Rifle ammo as well as a whole selection of Pistol cartridges in use by Italian Police and Military. Under german production control from 1943 to 45, the Factory was engaged after World War II in supplying the new Italian republic with Pistol and other calibre ammo, both in italian Calibres, as well as the newly adopted US Calibres. Theyb also took up again Commercial Shotshell ammo as well.

By the 1960s, LBC was in dire financial straights, and despite being absorbed into the IRI ( a socialist manner of maintaining Italian Industry) it effectively was allowed to “run down and finally out”. The .30 Carbine production Line was sold en bloc to Squires Bingham of the Philippines, who utilised it initially for producing .30 cal Carbine ammo for the PI Army. when 5,56 was adopted with M16s by the PI Army,the old LBC machinery was converted to making 5,56 ammo. ( Frost “Ammunition Manufacture” NRA Publications).

.30 carbine was widely used in Italy by both the Army and other Forces, and the Carabinieri , especially the Mounted units, from WW II till the late 1980s. These Military style Police used them for Patrolling the larger parks in Big cities, like Milan and Rome, and special leather equipment was made to house the Carbines on Horseback. Beretta, in conjunction with the Armoury in the Dominincan republic, developed both a Semi-Auto and a full Auto Beretta carbine in .30 carbine. Morocco is known to have adopted some made by Beretta.

The M1 carbine was colloqiually known in Italy as “La Carabina Winc(h)ester”

The fate of the other machinery of LBC is unknown, probably scrapped, maybe some was acquired by its main competitor, Fiocchi.
The site of the LBC factories has now been redeveloped into a residential area, after many years as derelict buildings ( early 2000s)—a typical situation in Italy…many WWII Military Installations, abandoned since WW II or shortly afterwards, are only now (1990s onward) being “Re-developed” into commercial or residential areas.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics

I was told that the old factory in Milan is still there, near Bollate .As you know LBC moved from Milan to Varese (?) later

Dear Pivi,
Back in 2005-07, I had read in the Corriere Della Sera (on Line) that the Bollate LBC facility was finally being redeveloped. I don’t know the outcome of this project.
Doc AV


[color=#0000FF]This is the cartridges[/color]

Giovanni - Wow. You really know how to hurt a guy! : ) : ) I have collected Carbine for some years and while I had hear Beaux made the round, I have never see one, and now you show us two different headstamps. La ringrazio molto per i foti.

John Moss