.30 Carbine Dummy

This Lake City dummy cartridge doesn’t appear in HWS vol.2 and it differs from the usual M1 and M13 dummy rounds in that it has an inert primer. Is it just a variation of one of these two patterns or is it a completely different cartridge?


I’m not an expert on Cal .30 Carbine Dummy cartridges, but if they are anything like Cal .30 and 7.62mm, the variations of dummy/drill/inert cartridges are endless. Not even H, W, or S could know them all.



This is an Austrian made dummy, they used US cases. I have a similar Mossin nagant cartridge, with these they used Russian cases.

Jim - the fact that it has a CN envelope tells you it is not a U.S. made dummy.


Thank you gents.

Tony - while I agree from the blackened primer that the dummy round in question is Austrian (I have it in five or six headstamps, but all mine have a blackened bullet as well), it is not correct to say that no U.S. .30 Carbine dummies have a silver/grey bullet jacket. I say “silver/grey” rather than a material because they, like the dummy pictured on this thread, do not look like CN, but rather like tinned. The U.S. ones are non-magnetic, by the way). I have four variations of Winchester .30 Carbine military dummies from WWII that have a grey bullet jacket:

W.R.A. 43 No primer, no holes in case, but standard Boxer flash hole.
W.R.A. 44 No primer, no holes in case, no flash hole in the empty prmer pocket
W.R.A. 44 Same as above, but four holes in case
W.R.A. * 44 Same as above - no primer, four holes in case, no flash hole in primer pocket

This is the box containing similar Austrian dummies with blackened bullets: