.30 carbine - E C 4

I have a brass case .30 carbine with a headstamp of E C 4. The headstamp guide has two different listings for EC, both located in the US:

  • Eau Claire Ordnance Plant, Eau Claire, WI
  • Evansville Ordnance Plant (Chrysler), Evansville, OH

If wikipaedia is to be believed, it appears that Eau Claire only produced acids and powders during WWII. I couldn’t find much on Evansville, so before I decide that this was manufactured there, I thought I’d ask here.

A quick search on here only turned up info on steel case rounds but another did confirm my suspicion that the single digit 4 was indeed 1944.

Eau Claire EW, ( Eau C Wisconsin) did produce some .30 cal M2 early on, after the EC headstamp was transferred to Evansville Chrysler, and Evansville Chrysler- Sunbeam.
I came across a lot of EW cases used as Blanks M1909 with 42 dates. Could have been a trial run of ammo later converted to blanks, or even just cases which were not " up to scratch" and repurposed as Blanks…

As to 45 and 30 carbine production by EC and ECS the best reference besides the IAA archives is an Ordnance produced Booklet entitled " Bullets by the Billion" about WWII SAA cartridge production in the US.

Doc AV

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Your .30 Carbine round was made by Evansville-Chrysler Ordnance Plant. There is simply no question about that. We have box labels for it. They also made .45 Auto Ammunition, and perhaps other things out of my field of study. Starting with no experience in manufacturing ammunition, the plant made not only brass-case ammunition, but steel-case as well, in such quantity that the plant was shut down in late 1944 because even with the war expected to go on for another couple of years or more, at least in .45 caliber ammunition they had made so much that it was felt no further production was necessary. Right off the top of my head, I don’t recall if the shut-down was total, or just .45 production. At any rate, the whole story of EC and ammo is a manufacturing miracle, in the quality and quantity they achieved with no prior experience in ammo-manufacturing. There is a book on Evansville Chrysler, “Bullets by the Billion.” If you can find a copy it is worth reading, and is a very easy book to read.

John Moss

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PDF available here

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The Evansville Chrysler plant location is still in business, but making a different product now. The plant is in Evansville, Indiana, not Ohio. Evansville is my wife’s home town and I have driven by the plant several times, which is right by the airport.

I do have an extra copy of “Bullets by the Billion” and will have it at SLICS. John is right; it’s a great little book which was published by Chrysler in 1946 to tell the story of their wartime ammunition production. It has lots of information and lots of pictures of the plant.

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