.30 Carbine Grenade Launching blank

Just acquired these. LC 43. Boxes appear to be dipped in paraffin. 5 rounds per box.
Label on legible one reads: CARTS. CARBINE GRENADE / CAL. .30 M6 AMM. LOT 12045 A hint of red sealer on the case mouth. Nothing visible around the primer.
Guess I’ll sell these and retire.


Nice find !

Does your box(s) actually have 5 cartridges. Mine has 6 but it is a later date (with no paraffin). Wonder why they went to a 6 round box. I also have an envelope type package that has 6 rounds. If I remember correctly the envelope type is what I saw in an opened

Hey Phil

Regarding a previous thread where Ray was taken to task for his inabilities with simple math, which he blamed on having only 4 fingers + a thumb, I will utilize the same excuse. BUT, I counted the box that is open and had removed the one round to scan, so there WERE only five in the box, which actually holds six, as do the others. Hey, we were Gunners Mates. All that salt air musta dumbed us down a bit.

I’m thinking these may have the purple annulus as well, but the examples in the open boxes aren’t as evident as yours.

PM or email me if you want to add to your collection.


The box/wax color is actually a tan/brown. Tried to get fancy enhancing the pic but screwed it up. Didn’t want to start over.

I know how it goes. While I wasn

MARK! MARK! Still laughing.

Mine has also 6 cartridges

I always considered the FTs and the FCs to be the 2nd and 3rd most important of the right arm ratings. Even if they did make us hold on for dear life when they tried to track a fast moving target. A couple of years ago I tried to contact some of my old shipmates via the Internet and I got a response from an FC who, it turned out, happened to man the very Director that my 5" mounts were tied to. I had never met him, except over the sound-powered phones, but we have exchanged many fond memories of those days when 19th Century guns tried to shoot down fast moving 20th Century airplanes.;) ;)

Rick, I understand. And I’m sure the sun was in your eyes also.