.30 Carbine Headstamp question

I have a .30 M-1 Carbine round in my collection that I can’t identify. The headstamp reads:


Does anyone know who made this?


Can we see a picture of the headstamp please?


Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. This is the best I can get. The headstamp is somewhat crude.

Yes it is and thank you for posting it. I have never seen it before.


Until Fede answers, and tells us all about it…
Is it an impressed or raised headstamp?
Do you know where you got it, and where do you live?
It looks like a new modern headstamp. I have seen 13 30-M1 / 30 M1 headstamps, but none with M1 30
And lastly, what bullet did it come with?
Thanks again, Dan

Thanks, Dan. Maybe someone will know.


Sorry, I answered your previous email before I saw this one.

It is an impressed headstamp. with flat nickel primer. The bullet looks like a standard FMJ 110 grain bullet. I found this round at our local range in Crittenden, KY, which is about 35 miles south of Cincinnati on Feb. 1, 2015. It was just laying on the ground there, no empty ammo boxes in the trash bins either. I live by the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Airport in Hebron, KY.