.30 Carbine hs'ed .30 SL?

From Wikipedia:
U.S. Army specifications for the new cartridge mandated the caliber to be greater than .27, with an effective range of 300 yards or more, and a midrange trajectory ordinate of 18 inches (460 mm) or less at 300 yards. With these requirements in hand, Winchester’s Edwin Pugsley chose to design the cartridge with a .30 caliber, 100–120 grain bullet at a velocity of 2,000 feet per second (610 m/s). The first cartridges were made by turning down rims on .32SL cases and loading with .308 caliber bullets which had a similar profile to that of the U.S. military .45 ACP bullet. [color=#BF0000]The first 100,000 cartridges manufactured were headstamped “.30 SL”.

[/color]Does anybody have one of these cartridges to show the headstamp?

Check out “SOLD IN USA” auction lot 70492. Is that the one your looking for?

Yes indeed. Thank you MRT, I may just buy that one too.

There is an good article in issue 373, Sept - Oct. 1993, page38, compiled by Woodlin Laboratory about the early development of the .30 cla carbine ammunition.

Those cartridges usually trade for about $5 each at shows. As a guide for you ammocollectorME. I wouldn’t doubt there might be one at the show in Nov. as they are not all that uncommon.
Box below lot number is black rubber-stamped “31 13” & I have another with the lot number “41 4”. Both have an impressed “42 [over] MADE IN U.S.A.” on the bottom.

It’s worth mentioning that the original .30 S.L. case has different dimensions than the final .30 Carbine. However, since its specifications were changed during the production that carried this headstamp, you can find it with both .30 S.L. and .30 Carbine dimensions.

Fede: Were the dimensional differences enough that the two versions were regarded as non-interchangeable? Jack