30 carbine I.D

I was going through a small bag of 30 carbine rounds and found these 3 with the heads coloured red. All are 1944 dated winchester cartridge company.
What is the significance of the red? Are they proof loads, tracers?

Could be over-enthusiastic primer seal or reloads. The oval primer leads me to the former. What’s the bullet type?

Bullet type is fmj. There’s also a little bit of writing on the side which I figured was just someone marking them for whatever reason. Here’s a side view

These are regular ball cartridges made by Western Cartridge Company. You can find this sloppy sealant job in cartridges made in 1944 and 1945, and also post-war production from the early 50’s.

According to US military standards, this is called “smeared primer waterproofing” and considered a permissible manufacturing defect that may be permitted for reasons of economy.



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Thank you Fede and Johnnyc I appreciate your help.