.30 Carbine manufactured and repacked by Evansville


Evansville repacked boxes of .30 Carbine cartridges made by LC, PC, RA, WCC, and WRA seem to be fairly common; however, here is a box of cartridges manufactured and repacked by Evansville. Does anyone have pictures of other boxes like this one? I’m trying to learn more about repacking dates and lot numbers found in these specific boxes.


.30m1 lc43

I believe the repacking involved only removing the cartons from the original large wooden packing crates and repacking them into the smaller “spam can” containers with 16 boxes (800 rounds) per spam can. These were then packed into the new style wooden crates holding two spam cans.

Some cartons, such as this one, have the flap tucked in, and others have the flaps glued shut, depending on how they were originally done by the manufacturer. No changes were made to the ammunition itself, and other than visual inspection for gross damage (e.g. wooden crate dropped and badly broken) it was simply pulling boxes from the old crate and putting them in the spam can for sealing, and placing the sealed spam can in the new crate.


John, in some cases Evansville also replaced the original carton with a new one, just like they did with all the repacked .45 Auto cartridges. However, these examples must be scarce, since I have only observed them in a few WRA lot numbers. Below you can see an example.



Two re-packs; One empty L.C. dated 9-44 and a mostly full Rem. T-24 dated 8-44, with R A 44 headstamped red tipped tracers.
LC RP 30 M1 carb
Rem T RP 30M1 carb
The other is off the thread but is connected to EC. It is stamped twice on the front and has a tan paper over-label. It is full of new primed empty steel cases headstamped L C 43 showing a domed nickel primer.
aberdeen test lot top
Abrdeen test lot front


Pete, thanks a lot, the APG test box is fantastic!


Sorry Fede I know the two re-pack’s are not exactly what you asked for. I should actually wake up and read better at 0230, but now we know they re-packed not just ball.


Pete - Is the headstamp on those LC cases actually “44” or is
it just a single “4.” I ask, because I have never seen or heard
of a double-digit .30 Carbine round from 1944. I do have an EC
.45 with a very clear ghost image of the second 4, indicating they
made the bunter NOT to current (at the time) specs, and "corrected"
it by grounding off the second “4.”

Fede - I have the following repacked boxes:

Lake City Ordnance Plant Lot 12618 Repacked E.C. 5-44
Kings Mill Ordnance Plant Lot #illegible but ending in “908” Repacked E.C. 7-44
Western Cartridge Company Lot Number W.C.C. 6425 Repacked E.C. 5-44
Western Cartridge Company Lot Number W.C.C. 6110 Repacked E.C. 8-44
Winchester Repeating Arms Co. Division of Western Cartridge Co. New Haven, Conn., U.S.A.
Lot W.R.A. 22221 Repacked E.C. 8-44

I typed the original factory names exactly as they appear in the strip at the bottom of the

John Moss


your 100% correct it is 43, not 44 and I’ve changed the post to correct that. Thanks.

Seems I can’t read headstamps at 0230 either


Pete - despite a double cataract operation which gave me almost
20-20 vision past the finger tips of my extended arm, I can’t read
a headstamp without a magnifying glass. I carry a little Bausch &
Lomb with me at all times. I buy them six at a time from B&L because
I am forever misplacing or losing them. Part of being in the “Golden
Years!” :-(




Little confused. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are stating as usual? Plenty of “44” dated .30 Carbine rounds in my meager collection. I have 19 examples. Here are just a few of them.



Joe, am not confused at all, simply have never run across one,
and I have many or most of those with a single “4” for “44.”

I am astounded. I don’t have a single “44” date on carbine
in my collection that I can recall, and I just checked all the LC
ones this morning.

Nice collection. Makes me want to dump my carbine collection,
which is only there because of the fact that two auto pistols
have been chambered for that cartridge. Guess I’ll keep them,
but what a culture shock your pictures were for me.

I is obvious that I was only accidentally correct in the case of
Pete’s posting.

John Moss



Did not mean to sound like I thought you were confused. I should have stated “I” am a little confused. Sorry.

Anyways, you want to part with your .30 Carbines at any time let me know… Ha-ha.

John, I have duplicates of most “44” stamped if you so desire. Pay the shipping and they are yours.



John, thanks for the additional information.


Full box of WCC 44 brass cased Ball.

AND the side of the box.


Joe, I hope we have not lost John now! :)


Hi Fede
Had an e-mail from Frank Hackley regarding the box you first posted.
He asks:
“box for lot EC 24412? Box is marked steel case but it appears “steel case” is marked out? This lot( EC 24412) is for a brass cased round, so would sure like to know what the rounds in box are?”


Joe, don’t worry, wasn’t upset with your comment at all. The fact is,
I live most of my life these days in utter confusion. I just wasn’t in that
state in this case. Anyone reading this forum knows I get muddled very

EOD - probably some who wish I would get lost, but not this time! : - )



Pete, I’m afraid I don’t know its contents, but since it does not have an “S” prefix, I would assume that it contained brass cased cartridges, like Frank points out.




John, sure it will not be me! :)
I just feared you could be surprised to see the ink stamp on the 1944 box Joe posted last.


EOD - was nice to see that. I may have actually stamped that myself,
as from the address on the stamp, it dates back to sometime in my first
eight years, out of thirty-six, at the SF Gun Exchange. There were only
three or four of us then, including the owner. Those were the days when
MILSURP ammo was plentiful and inexpensive, and we sold plenty of
.30 carbine ammunition. Brings back memories.

John Moss