.30 Carbine T69

Do you think this is legit? If it was FA 45 I would say yes, but LC I tend to wonder.


PB100001 PB100002


I have seen those frangible bullets mated with almost any imaginable .30 caliber case. This is a first for the .30 Carbine. In my opinion, it is just a stuffer.

Curtis F. Laws

These bullets were designed to train air gunners to shoot at actual fighters in flight. The Army Air Corp modified about 30 of Bell P-63 KingCobra fighters by removing the guns and armor and adding over a ton of armor fitted with sensors that would detect impact of the frangible bullets. A large light was mounted in the hub of the prop where the cannon was originally and it would light up to indicate hits. I once worked for a Colonel who, during WWII, was the maintenance officer for this unit. He said they also mounted lights on the wing so the gunner could better know when he was hitting the RP-63G Pinball as it was known. FA also did some experimental work with a red and white tip frangible tracer but don’t think it was ever used. The original 30-06 rounds can be found with both green & white and green & cream tips. Walt Kramer, who was running the FA Lab in WWII (I think that was his position) told me the white indicated the round was loaded with military powder and the cream indicated commercial powder. He had cases of both in his garage when I visited him in the late 1960s and boxes of both the red & white and red & cream tracers.

Given the purpose of these bullets, I have a hard time believing they were seriously tested for use in a 30 carbine, but lots of labs and others did some strange things. That is the reason that I have a box where I keep this sort of thing. Most stay in the box, but a surprising number of times I find that what I thought was probably a fake or a stuffer or something similar turns out to be a great round!


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The .30 Carbine T69 is a legitimate round with a FA 45 headstamp. I am just questioning if the LC headstamp is possible.

HWS Page 48.

Thanks! Another of many things I don’t know.


I have shot quite a few of the original .30-06 Frangible loads. At short ranges 50m to 100m they were quite accurate. Some were loaded with SR 4759 powder, but some left a residue very much like sawdust in my rifle bore. What was that sawdust? Simply nitrated sawdust?