.30 carbine

just aquired a sealed ‘spam can’ of .30 carbine labeled

800 cartridges
cal.30 carbine
ball M-1
in cartons
lot LC 12944

can was made by CANCO M6 CAN also the ‘note’ unfit food container

any ideas of mfg date?? since i dont want to open the can

With the LC in the lot code I would hazard a guess and say Lake City and Wartime… Someone would have to have the lot codes to date it, I would think.

The first lot number for all types of LC ammunition was 12000. I can’t help any further. Your best bet is to find someone with a carton in the same number range and interpolate from there.

Now, if you had asked about Cal .30 . . .


Does it have T1CAZ (or something like that) anywhere on it, as that was the common .30 Carbine ammunition case code for 800 round cases in 50 round cartons used during WWII and slightly later.

I have a box from Lake City, Lot number 12441, and the ammunition is L C 53.
I would say your ammunition must be from after the Korea War, perhaps as late as early Viet Nam. I have a box in the 30000 lot number range that is from Lake City, 1971.

Khege, it is probable that your “spam can” was manufactured in 1945. A box showing lot LC 12917 was filled with L C 45 headstamps.

John, I believe that your lot LC 12441 box was refilled with the wrong ammunition. As to the lot number, I have a picture of lot LC 12347 with L C 43 headstamps and LC 12586 with L C 4 headstamps, and yours is between those two. Regarding the headstamp, a box with lot number 13042 is dated “Oct 51” and filled with L C 51 headstamps, one with lot LC 13327 has L C 52 headstamps, another with lot LC 13450 has L C 53 headstamps, and a crate filled with lot LC 13717 was made on December 1953. The last lot LC in the 13000 range is 13978 and I guess it would be filled with L C 56 headstamps but I don’t have a picture.

Fede - judging from your information, I would surmise that you are correct. Even though my box is in good shape, and was full when I got it, it had been opened. I only kept one round, which is my custom. I shot the rest.

I have the box for Lot 12618 but it is stamped Repacked E.C. 5-44. I should have noted that date. My box from lot number 12164 is still full for some reason, with the ammo all being dated “43.” I have lot 12479 but it is stamped FEB 53. Hey, I just opened it and the round in it is dated 45. It is pretty clear to me what has happened. Sometime along the line, either I or someone who was using my boxes for reference mixed up the rounds in two of them. Recently a fellow photographed a lot of my U.S. military boxes are my house for someone in Germany doing a book. Might of happened then. Finally I have a box for lot umber 39384 and it has “L C 63” in it.

It is interesting to see the progression in the name, which is probably why I kept the boxes I have - I don’t save lot numbers on boxes; there has to be a difference in boxes other than than for me to save one. Lots 12`63 and 12618 say "Lake City Ordnance Plant. Lot 13479 Says :“Lake City Arsenal.” Lot 39384 shows the name as Lake City Army Ammunition Plant.

Thanks for posting this thread guys. It not only straightened out a mixup in the cartridge specimen in two of my boxes, but also was fun renewing my aquaintence with my carbine stuff, a caliber I collect but have never paid much attention to other to shot it.

Fede, what can I say? As always you are there to catch my screwups. Thank you, my friend.

I agree with Fede. I would be surprised if a box with Lot LC 12441 would be as late as 1953.

Don’t forget, Lot 12000 was the first number used by Lake City when it started producing Carbine ammunition in 1942. But 12000 was used for each type of cartridge. Therefore, there will be a Ball Lot 12000, a Tracer Lot 12000, a Frangible Lot 12000, etc.

The first lot of Lake City Cal .30 Ball was Lot LC 12000. Lot 12000 was the first lot of Cal .30 Match (T291) in 1957. And so forth. Once you understand how the system worked it makes more sense.

That system lasted until 1970 when it was changed to a completely different system, and then changed again in 1978 to the one that is still being used today, with a few modifications. Collecting by lot number is an interesting sideline for a couple of us here on the Forum. Another collector and I have been trying to develop lists of the F.A. system used prior to WW II. Actually, he is doing all the real work and I am kinda tagging along. I do have fairly complete lists for the Match ammunition, if anyone is interested.

BTW, Lake City went thru several name changes. From Ordnance Plant, to Arsenal, back to Ordnance Plant, and finally Army Ammunition Plant.


Note that the packing is 800 rounds, which would be 16 50 round cartons. That was typical WW2 style packing.

Most of the LC 52 and LC 53 .30 carbine ammo seems to have been packed in 10 round clips and bandoleers, with five 120 round bandoleers per span can.

Just adding some later information.
I have a 1350 round can that is lot number LC 50-212 and the ammo is marked LC 72

Thanks…narrows it down to ww2 (or very close)