.30 carbine

This is not an ammo question, however it is close. Can anyone advise me on clip feed problems for a .30 carbine rifle or direct me to a web site where I could get some good sound experienced advise? I am having difficulty getting a clip to seat firmly in my carbine. Sorry to be off of ammo but I know there are a lot of military buffs that read this page.

Doug D

I suggest you take your carbine to a qualified gunsmith. Your description doesn’t suggest any particular problem - getting the clip “to seat firmly” doesn’t say anything. You can’t gunsmith a gun by email. I speak from 36 years of experience handling customer problems with firearms - not gunsmithing them - having to write up their perceived problems for the appropriate gunsmith.

You would have to give a lot more detailed description of what you perceive are problems, and what the results of those possible problems are - is your gun failing to feed - you didn’t even really say that - and if so, a complete description of the position of the cartridge in relation to its correct feeding position. Also, what you mean by “not seating firmly” - most detachable magazines have some play in them once locked into a firearms - that is perfectly normal and of itself not a problem.

I think a firearms forum is a more appropriate place for your question, but that won’t beat showing it to a qualified gunsmith. There are a lot of folks out there that think they know the reason for every gun malfunction, and do not!

I’ll second what John said and add that if you are using an “aftermarket” magazine, they are generally regarded as poor quality and problems are to be expected. That being said, I have had original G.I. carbines not accept original G.I. magazines and some slight fitting was required. More details are needed and a carbine-specific forum might be a better place to post your question…


Have you tried seating several different magazines? If all magazines are having trouble seating then you may need a new magazine catch: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=127204220? If only one mag is seating poorly then it is the mag

The issue is that I have tried 2 clips both of which have fit loosely up and down and back and forth. If I hold the clip in tight against the reciever it will feed otherwise the bolt travels over the rounds or jams them against the reciever. Looking at the magazine catch I see no indication of wear or loose fitting parts. Actually with the exception of the bolt stop this gun shows vertually no wear just age. I am trying to use after market clips, as originals are hard to come by since CMP put so many guns on the market with out clips in the past few years. I’ll keep looking for an original clip.

Mainly I tought some one could direct me too a Carbine forum as I have had no luck finding one.


Doug D

www.perfectunion.com has a Garand/carbine forum
www.odcmp.org is probably the authority on both the Garand and the Carbine problems
The “expert” section of the Gunbroker forum would be another choice
IIRC there is a forum dedicated to nothing but surplus rifles ( www.surplusrifles.com ?)

Thanks for all of the help. I located an original issue clip at a gun show yesterday and it appears that it will work perfect. At least it functions when loaded with a few dummies I had in a drawer. Now that I know what to look for I’ll find a couple more clips.

Doug D

I just happened to be holding this one while reading this post. M1 carbine is an interesting gun, and its inventor’s life is too youtube.com/watch?v=zFQ1P4o_qo0
No wonder many Germans used captured carbines during the war, but I never saw a WWII photo of a German with M1 Garand.


I wouldn’t advertise that gun if I were you. It’s a rifle that has been cut down to a pistol. Illegal as all get-out and could land you in prison.



Actually, it was sold to me by a very reputable FFL dealer, it is called Model 3000 Enforcer, see the middle of this page. m1carbinesinc.com/carbine_universal2.html
These things are not common, I think (hope).

So it is not a GI or other carbine that has been cut down but rather it was made as a pistol from scratch and registered as such?

If that is so, then never mind. ;) You scared me.


No, you scared me.

Sorry. Got your heart pumping, did it? ;)

I know guys who made them from carbines not realizing it was illegal.

Man, if that was my pistol I’d carry the paperwork with it every time I left the house with it. It might spare you being thrown to the ground and given a full body cavity search.


Ray, may I interest you in this?