.30 Carbine

Another ‘gift’!
These are Lake City 56 and both bullet and case are very reactive to a magnet… steel. I was surprised to see steel this late after Korea, during a non-conflict period. How long did the American arsenals produce the 30 Carbine, all steel.

The primer appears to be brass, with a bright red sealant.

For a fellow who never intended to collect this caliber, I have a bunch! Which ain’t a bad thing.

In addition to the GMCS L C 5 6, I have F A 5 4 (GM) , F A 5 5 and F A 5 6 (GMCS)


Latest I can do is an “FA 55” for steel case. Good question on the “how long” was steel used. Maybe some other folks will share their “latest” in steel .30 Carbs.


I don’t collect dates in .30 Carbine, but the latest steel-cased round, other than Russian Wolf current commercial production in steel cases, is Lake City from 1956 (L C 5 6).