.30 Dunlap

I am looking for any information on the .30 Dunlap, Who designed it? What where the dimensions? and what was it’s origin?one sample resides in the Woodin lab collection but information is very scarce. Any help would be appreciated. Vic

Maybe Roy F. Dunlap? He was, post WW2, a riflesmith in Arizona and mostly specialized in big bore target rifles. He’s the author of Ordnance Went Up Front and Gunsmithing. Good writer. Jack

That is the information now, but he did not seem to write about it.

There is an article written by Roy Dunlap on the .30 Dunlap cartridge in the “American Rifleman” issue of October 1954, on pp. 56 and 58. Wording within the second paragraph would indicate that Mr. Dunlap developed the cartridge, and that it was developed specifically for International 300-meter shooting.

"I decided to keep the advantages of the .30-06—its long neck and shoulder, which are ideally suited for the 180 gr. boattail bullet, and the medium-velocity range of 2400/2500 f.p.s.—but to cut the volumetric capacity of the case to slightly above that of the .308 and see if the results would give a little leeway in loading formulas.

"Somwhat to my surprise, I came up with a satisfactory cartridge. It uses a 57 mm long case similar to the .257 and the 7 mm and 8 mm Mauser cases in general dimensions , except for a shoulder of larger diameter and, of course, the .30-06 neck and shoulder taper.

“The .30 Dunlap is just a .30-06 shortened approximately a quarter-inch, FROM THE BACK END!” (JLM note: The capital letters I used represent italics used on the last four words shown here. I could not seem to satisfactorily represent italics here.)

There is much more to the article - too much to reproduce here - but this seems to answer the question. If not, I can scan the article if someone wants to post the whole thing here, although I think that would yield a poor result - perhaps too small to even be legible.