.30 grenade launching blank

found these advertised as grenade launching blanks. I dont have much knowledge on foreign cartridges, so I guess I’m looking for conformation that these rds are for grenade launching and not just blanks

I have similar cataloged as blanks and acc. to Punnet’s 30-06 book it is hard to tell
if these are grenade launching cartridges or blanks. In your case the word BALLIST
on the box might indicate that these are actually grenade lauching cartridges.
Ballist is derived from the greek word ballein, which means: to throw.

If you ever have an empty box, I would be interested


These are grenade blanks made for or packed by MECAR S.A. of Brussels. Earlier boxes by this same company containing rounds with a different crimp/seal were labeled “Cart. ENERGA .30”.

like this one

Thank you both for the help

René, yes, that’s the box I mean. Do you have a picture of the cartridge or do you know its total weight?

Jawasinger, could you tell me the total weight of one of these cartridges?

I hope the word Energa means grenade in some language! Firing Ernega grenades from a U.S. 30 Carbine was strictly forbidden in the U.S. Marines. Fired from the shoulder would usully break it and firing with the Carbine butt on the ground would break the stock. Firing an Ernega grenade from an M-1 was bad enough.

as soon as I get the package ill get you guys the weight and better pics


Energa is a brand name. The Energa HEAT rifle grenade had a conical head, a visible spitback fuze at the tip and the stabilizing surfaces within a ring.
In Bundeswehr use it was replaced by the Hispano rifle grenade, which had a rounded head, no visible fuze and four stabilizing sufaces at the rear. Both weighed approx. 750 grams and both had different grenade launching cartridges (Treibpatrone).

Energa is a company name which is basically the abbreviation of “Anstalt für die ENtwicklung von ERfindungen und Gewerblichen Anwendungen” in Vaduz/Liechtenstein.

And the brain behind all this was the good old Frenchman Edgar William Brandt which was already famous for his mortars which were used by almost any army in this world. For some reason he had a business in Liechtenstein later on.
Anybody here who knows why he left France?

Edgar BRANDT was a kind of genius in his field, especially with mortars… The big trouble is that his Company had been heavily involved with the Germans, bertween 1940-1944, during occupation of France, making, loading ammunition, even drawing new implements.

After summer 1944, people, especially communists, started a heavy Witch hunting amidst most of the French companies involved in what they called “industrial collaboration” with German authorities…

Executives, engineers, a.s.o., (if they were known , oe even supposed to be thinking more on the side of the Vichy State than De Gaulle’s partisans or even supposed to be), were jailed, heavily fined, condemned to long prison times, their belongings confiscated, by the new Government’s authorities, which included several top notch Communist “personalities”… These people held important ministries, like Industrial production, and Air. It even went farther, as for Louis Renault, founder and owner of the big RENAULT concern, who was found dead in his cell, due to beating an mistreatment… Some other like BERLIET, the well-known truck-aker were a little luckier, and survived… Such conditions perdured during at least 6 months after th V-Day (Europe), then De Gaulle managed to better the wholesituation, before himself leaving in 1946.
Many books have been written of the so-called “Epuration” … it was a sad time, which left heavy scars and difficult questions pending.

In the case of Edgar Brandt works and subsidiaries, they were put under state-trusteeship, and practically nationalised, for a while. It must be noted that until the merging of the group in the Thomson Brandt concern, in the late 60ies, the name of Brandt himself was supposed e never to be used, or even spoken of on the premises!!!

People in the communist-led syndicates and administration also managed to get rid of most of the archives, probably because some of them were not so…clean…!

Only thanks to some devoted people (some of them I was lucky to be friend with), a part of this archives and pictures avoided the dustbin… and it must be even noted that doing it, they took big risks fort their jobs and career…

I hope that this note will help our friends abroad to undestand that everything was not so wonderful overthere, after the end of WW II.


Philippe, thanks a lot! That clarifies the whole background!

OK received the box today
weight 15.38g
63mm length
6 sided star crimp

I have a US 06 grenade cart to compare
weight 16.23g
5 sided star crimp

Jawasinger, thanks for posting this information.

well I finally had a nice non windy day to test them out today. Using a M31 rifle grenade I compared them to known US 06 RG carts and these worked perfect just as good as US made carts. THANKS AGAIN everybody for the help.

Jawasinger, I would be very carefull with combining propelling cartridges with rifle grenades that did not came from the same box or are attributed to each other explicitely by a technical manual. Not to say cross country and different grenades etc.
I personally would not even switch a propelling cartridge from the same grenade with the same designation when they come from a different lot.
Such cartridges are usually loaded exactly to the specs for the grenades they are intended for and bear lots technical variety and ballistic features which may give a total different result when not used wit the sole grenade they are intended for.
Stay safe!