.30 HivAP


This is my one and only HiVAP round. I haven’t seen many of these but those that I have seen are all ‘functioning test’ and not the actual combat loading.
Can anybody post a picture of a combat load?



I have these 2 in my collection

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Thanks for the reply Harrie although I believe your two rounds are also ‘functioning test’ and not combat loads. Somebody, somewhere must have a combat load…


According to ColCart. these where functioning rounds the intended round was a fletchet, The barrel melted too often for production.


Yes, they were intended to use DU flechette. The HIVAP’s cyclic rate was ridiculously high, ~30,000rpm, and the designers thought that it could be pushed even higher. As it was, the mechanism would sometimes tear apart the Lexan-cased trounds.



As I acquired flechette items….(and still chasing) this casing had this flechette sitting in it…so as close to a HIVAP flechette as I have….I can’t attest to their origin or if they are married…but figured to post it