.30-INCH (30-06) Pakistani crate, 20 round box and cartridge

Have not posted in a while as I have had little time. Figured I would take 1/2 hour and contribute something possibly interesting.

Bought this the other day. I find it interesting. Might even try a bit of the ammo and see how it performs, maybe in a old sturdy bolt gun.


151.5 grain non magnetic flat base lead core GM jacket with projectile/neck sealant. Powder is 50.6 grains. Casing is berdan primed with two large flash holes.

Well done. Thank you for posting this !


Joe, thank you very much for sharing.


You are welcome. Glad you enjoyed.

I am thinking of pulling one round down and posting.


Berdan,.217" (5,5mm) primed. Don’t know if Corrosive or not (69 was one of those “change-over” years, where nearly all Western countries had or were changing to Non-corrosive type Primers (for 7,62 Nato especially).

“Mark IV” is a typical British oriented denomination, as is the Packet Label design and the Crate design etc. Even the Packing Labels are of British design origin.

Doc AV

What would one make from the box labeling where is printed {C.I.A. §}?



C.I.A.§ means Chief Inspector Ammunition (Pakistan)


please ad one to my package Joe…paul

Paul, I assume one round, not a full box?


C.I.A.§ means Chief Inspector Ammunition (Pakistan)



Ok, good, thank you.

yes joe! just the one…and you have it pulled already…!