30 krag ammo


Hello, this is my first post here. I have two questions.

First, has there been any recent production of 7.92x33mm ammo? Maybe in Serbia?

Second, I was digging in my garden a year or two ago and found a 30 Krag case from WRA Co
marked 30 Army and I wonder if it was made before 1906, when the 30-06 should have taken over that name. When did WRA start making 30 Krag ammo?

Thanks for your answers.


To the first question, yes, by Prvi Partizan, with both nny and FNM headstamps, I believe.


To back Jon up
midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?p … ber=553950


RE: 7.9x33
Graf & Sons, lists both Hornady and Prvi as being currently available.


Do you know the Hornady h/s? I wonder if it’s also Prvi-made?


While I’m far from a expert on the topic: the 30-40 Krag AKA 30 Army was always known as that.
The 30-06 was known as the 30-Government-1906 (30-Govt-06, 30-G-06), but never as the 30 Army.


Foster–The headtamp “W.R.A.Co. .30 ARMY” on .30-40 Krag cartridges was used from about 1895 to the mid-1930’s when it was replaced by “W.R.A. .30 ARMY”


The first headstamp used by Winchester on the .30 Army cartridge was W.R.A.Co. 30 U.S.G., and this was used from 1893 to 1911, when the W.R.A.Co. 30 ARMY headstamp began. The 30 ARMY headstamp was used until the mid 1930’s, being replaced by SUPER SPEED 30 ARMY, and eventually SUPER SPEED 30-40 KRAG.