.30 Krag Paper Bullet Blank

Hi, All…Awhile back, in a group of Krag cartridges I purchased, there was a home-made paper bullet blank. Typical brass case, headstamp: U.M.C. .30 U.S.A., obviously a fired and re-primed case. It appeared that someone long ago had rolled a piece of newspaper VERY tightly into a roll just the right diameter for the case neck, shoved her down in on top of a full charge of black powder, and filed or ground the newspaper “bullet” into a crude round-nosed shape. Soooo, I looked at it for several months, and thought, what the hey, I’ll pull that paper and have a look. Would it come out in one piece ??..NO !!..Lotsa pieces…!!..BUT, some still large enough to know that the newspaper dates from October, 1918, (there are some dated stories)…all the news is about World War 1. Maybe someone needed to make some noise on the 4th of July, and during the war, this was the only option. Anyway, I thought I’d post about this because, to me, it is very interesting what one can find !!..Anyone else have any “interesting” stuff like this ??..Randy. PS…Ray…is this a wildcat ?