.30 Krag Reloaded and Repacked 1914

This might be of interest. Frankford Arsenal circa 1914 box of 20 rounds. Fine print on the label includes:
“Powder, F.A. Blend, nitroglycerine, Cal. .30 Lot 11 of 1914” and after the cleaning a depriming for reuse instructions-
Reloaded and Repacked at FRANKFORD ARSENAL.

The top label has the “Muzzle Velocity 2000 f.s.” printed instead of rubber stamped, and a note “To convert velocity with rifle to velocity with carbine, subtract 80 feet from velocity with rifle.”

Back of box has preprinted spaces for loading machine, inspector, etc, but this is either left blank or the information has faded completely.

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When I bought my 1898 in 1957 there was 2 boxes of these in the box , mine had stamped 1901 Springfield armory, shot fine, found out its value no more shots thru it