.30 Light Rifle Armor Piercing

I saw an unopened box of old ammo today, had a feeling I should have bought it but don’t know if it’s common or collectible. It was marked .30 Light Rifle Armor Piercing with Frankford Arsenal in the corner. I could see in a corner and it looked like the headstamp was FA51?

I know this was the early 7.62 NATO, but do they have any collector value?

This is probably the .30 Light Rifle Armour Piercing T-93E1 judging by the headstamp. Here in the UK each round would fetch about £10 to £15 so I’d say they’re worth about 15 US dollars each. Too good to shoot and I’d leave them in the box!

I believe that they could also be FAT93E1. It depends on the bullet. The E1 has a 140 grain bullet and the E2 has a 150 grain bullet.

I’ve not seen an individual cartridge selling for that much here in the US. You can buy a sealed box of the Lake City 1954 E2 for less than $20 if you are patient. The Frankford Arsenal 1951 go for more of course, but not $300 a box!



I hope they’re worth at least $20 for the box.

If you can get the box for the right price it would be good to pick up.
They arent going to get any easier to find, I hear they have stopped making them :)
And hey, if you want to get rid of it, I’ll give you $25 for it :)

I picked it up this afternoon; hence the photo.:)

As long as it’s worth more than $20 I’m OK, but my wife thinks I’m crazy for spending any money since I’ve been laid off for 11 months. I told her it’s like money in the bank.

With the top kind of opened a little on the edges, it’s OK to carefully pull one out to look at it, right? How big of a deal is it to remain unopened?

I know this is not a pristine specimen and not something super valuable, but I wouldn’t want to ruin any collector value.


Now that you have a box of 1951 E1 you can start looking for some of the other AP pre NATO cartridges. Both the E1 and E2 can be found with 1951 and 1952 headstamps. Look for T93 on cartridges before 1949 (T65, T1, and T1E1 cases). 1954 FA and LC in E2. And, to round it out, the first NATO, the M61 with an FA (+) 55 headstamp.

That will get most of the AP. Next you can start on the Ball cartridges. More money in the bank. ;) ;)


Any estimate of a fair price for these if I were to sell them?

I went ahead and opened it up, polished them all nice and shiny with some Brasso and steel wool.

Just kidding! I am curious about value though.


Most of us tend to shy away from doing values. It’s all in the eye of the buyer and seller. I know what I’d pay for such a box but that would mean nothing to anyone else, except you.

But, maybe someone else would be willing to give you a number for all to see.

I know that you joke about polishing the cartridges but, believe it or don’t, there are times when such a thing can add to the value, to some people. Who are we to say what turns another guy or gal on?