30 luger, 7.62x25 and 30 Mauser

What’s the funny 30 mauser projectile? Anything special about the 30 lugers?

The “funny” Mauser projectile appears to be a Westley-Richards All-Range bullet.

What is the 9h mark on the 38 45?

Your guess is as good as mine. I can’t read it. MAYBE a “T”

Your “711” headstamped “.30 Mauser” is a Russian green-tip tracer 7.62 x 25 mmm Tokarev.

The D.M. * K. .30 Luger with black case is an early load for the Luger Carbine. They used to be fairly common, but interesting all the same. Don’t know about these days. The identification of the cartridge with the odd bullet is correct - Westley Richards “All-Range” bullet. The Brits and the Germans both loaded this bullet in .30 Mauser. The other rounds are common, but if you needed them for your collection, then the most common round there is becomes a “treasure.”

Nice pictures, by the way.

John Moss

The raised headstamp 7.62 Tokarev is 38 * 45 4.

Jon, thanks!