30 M1 Blanks

The box says Brazil on the back. I assume these are on strippers for the 03 Springfield. The headstamp has FR at 12 O’Clock. Stars at 3&9 O’Clock and .30M2 at the bottom. Are these collectable? Thank you.

Something like this ?

These are pretty common but you will find a collector for everything (even 30-06).
My box isn’t in the best condition. If you want to trade your box empty, pls PM me.


I also recently got several boxes as part of group of odds and ends, but these were not on clips. They may have been at one time since they don’t fit nicely in the box. They have various headstamps (FR * 2 digit year * .30 *) from late 40s to 60. Any idea what year the undated 30 M2 cartridges are from?


Yes. The top flap of my box is missing and one of the shells is missing the black material in the end but the primer is good.