30 M1 Carb "CCC" headstamp

Who manufactured this ball round?
Headstamp is CCC 30 M1 82

I think that was Connecticut Cartridge Company.

While the “CCC” does stand for “Connecticut Cartridge Company,” this ammunition was actually manufactured in Taiwan by the HHC Ltd., of Taipei. There is a .45 Auto eqivalent with about the same headstamp except for the caliber, of course.

The box indicates that “These cartridges are manufactured to U.S. Military Specification MIL-C-3369C. They are loaded withmodern smokeless powder, non-mercuric, non-corrosive primers and military specification bullets.”

I cannot speak for the carbine ammunition, but the .45 ammunition box carried a similar statement, but in truth, was the most corrosive .45 ammunition I have seen. Primers not only tested corrosive, but slightly mercuric as well. Our store purchased a quantity of this ammunition and immediately had customers coming in with ruined .45 barrels. The ammunition was immediately withdrawn and returned to the distributor, along with a bill for several thousand dollars in gun repairs for our customers that we had to have made.

Again, I cannot speak for the carbine ammunition as we did not sell any of it, but despite the distributor on the box label, Connecticut Cartridge Company, 246 Old Post Road, Southport, CT 06490, most of the .45 seems to have been imported by Pacific International of Sacramento, California, who was as much a victim of the horrible quality of the ammunition and the fraudulent labeling as were his customers. I am sure that if CCC actually imported any of the ammo, they were victimized as well. I would not fire one round of the carbine ammunition without having a professional laboratory test it for corrosive elements and mercury, especially in a captive-piston operated weapon like the M1 Carbine.

Thanks John I thought this one was not the usual suspect.