30 M1 Carb US Tracer Model numbers

What models of tracers are there for the M1 Carbine? Dates of institution?

The following are the U.S. Army .30 Carbine Tracers

Cartridge, Tracer, Carbine, Cal. .30, T24
Assigned 20 August 1943
Standardized as M16 on 27 January 1944
107gr. Gilding Metal FMJ with lead point filled
Used Tracer Mix R-226-S and Igniter I-276
Red Tip

FAT1–Same as above but used
Tracer Mix R-226-S and Igniter I-124

FAT1E1–New Igniter mix.
Igniter I-310
Slow Burning Black Powder Igniter Mix

Experimental Round
Designation Unknown
Used Dim Igniter from .30-06 T-10

Cartridge, Tracer, Carbine, Cal. .30, T43
Dim-Bright Tracer
Adopted 25 August 1944
Standardized on 2 May 1946 as M27
Bullet weight 101gr.
Orange Bullet Tip

Their may have been others after 1946, but I am unaware of them.

That is exactly what I wanted, thank you Ron!