30 M1 Carbine headstamp ID


On 30 M1 Carbine rounds with 1970’s and 1980’s dates.

SBMC who made it ? my guess is Squires Bingham ?

P S who made it ? my guess is Poonsang Metal ?


Right, on both counts.


Squires Bingham Manufacturing Company ( a Hardware and Agricultural Tool maker of the Philippines–Now “ArmsCorp of the Ph”>) initially only made .22 Rimfire, but in the late 1960-70s, bought out the .30 Carbine case machinery from the defunct Leon Beaux Co. of Milan, Italy, which had made .30 Carbine ammo for the Italian Government since the early 50s.

This machinery was also subsequently modified to make the first lots of .223 for both Gov’t and civil sales by SBMC.

Leon Beaux & Co, a company dating back into the late 1800s, (“LBC”) made a wide variety of Shotshells, Pistol ammo and Military rifle cartridges in and for Italy. LBC marked 6,5x52 Carcano ammo dates from the Abyssinian War (1936) to 1945; Pistol and carbine ammo and shotshells were made from the 1950s till the company folded ln the late 1960s.

The name is typically a French family name, but I have not researched enough to determine the history of the name or how it came to be involved with ammunition manufacture in Northern Italy. Another few hours of Google to see what I can dig up.

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Please, do tell us about Leon and his company, seriously, I’d love to know. I just got a bunch of these cool little boxes and would really hate to spend time researching. There are many other four letter words besides Leon which are being used at this forum and it is very entertaining.


Little sideline on Squires Bingham et al. Worked for many years with a native Filipino who in his younger years was in the constabulary. He said the factory was in the country near Manila and when the company started to make money the city annexed the company into the city. Lots of new tax money! Ain’t governments fun.