.30 M1 "card"


I’ve been given some ammo which includes some .30-06 rds, some of the .30-06 have the headstamp RA 28 they are in brass clips and 10 rds fit in a small open ended cardboard box. I assume the card below belongs to these .30-06 rds. Am I right.


If the card came outside of the packaging of the ammo, that is, if it was just in a bag with these and various other cartridges, it would be impossible to positively say that it belongs with your .30-06 ammo. That said, the circumstantial evidence makes it very likely that the card is the correct one for your cartridges. It is a Remington card, and Remington Ammo. These cards were generally packed in cloth bandoleers with the ammo, and your ammo is packed for bandoleers - that is what the little ten-round half box is all about. Even the style of the printing (serifed letters throughout) looks to me like the card is old, probably pre-war, and easily could be from the late 1920s.

Perhaps a real .30-06 guy (Chris P., where are you?) could tell me if I am all wet, (which would not be unusual), or pretty much on the right track.


While I am not the expert that Chris is, I do agree with everything you have said. I just wanted to add that a single card would have been included in one pocket of each bandoleer.