30 M1 short pointed bullet


Howdy , I have a 30 M1 round with headstamp , W-W 30 CARBINE , and a flat tinned primer , with a VERY short pointed copper jacket or GM bullet, it is non magnetic ,and only .44 out of case OL is 1.68 , it has a very neat roll over neck crimp and the case is a fraction shorter than a normal 30 M1 case because of this ,it looks a genuine factory round but is it ?, thanks Randy



That’s a commercial headstamp. A heavy roll over crimp is not good for a cartridge that headspaces on the case mouth. A reload??? A photo of the bullet would help.



it looks a genuine factory round ,it would still headsapce on the roll crimp OK execpt for the base it looks like a smaller version of the 40 Booby Trap round I will see if I can arrange a photo randy


If the case is slightly shorter, as you said in original posting, due to the roll-over heavy crimp, then it would NOT headspace o.k. A shorter case equals more headspace when the case headspaces on the mouth. How much headspace would, of course, depend on how much shorter the case actually is, but if it is very much shorter, it would have excessive headspace.


I do not think this round was made for the good ole M1 Carbine ,I am well aware of the dangers of headspacing my point was that it would headspace OK on the roll over crimp , my thoughts are that it may be for some sort of auxiliary or adaptor item,also I did not say it was a heavy roll over crimp but a neat one I am trying to arrange for my grandaughter to post a picture, thanks randy


I guess I picked up the word “heavy” from Ray’s posting. I would tend to consider any roll over crimp that shortens the case enough to be worth mentioning as heavy, but then, will be happy to see a picture as that will settle the point. I will stand by the statement that if the case is shorter than normal for a .30 Carbine, it will not headspace correctly in any properly chambered weapon, including Ruger revolvers, for example, or the few auto pistols in this caliber, and certainly not in an M1 Carbine. However, if made for some other apparatus, who knows? Headspace might not even be a factor. Most rounds made for non-weapon use, though, are blanks, and don’t have an actual bullet (although some have wood or plastic bullets). Again, I would love to see a picture of this. Since I have a pretty good collection of .30 Carbine, and haven’t seen one like this, it would be interesting. I am kind of leaning towards someone’s improperly crimped (for .30 Carbine) reload, though. Hope you can post a pic of it.


Just a note - for someone who knows better, I am too quick with the word reload. It could also be a handload on a new case. A reload, of course, can only be done on a fired case, or it is not a "re"load.


thanks John , I will arrange asap I have a couple I need to do and will let you know when posted randy