.30 match t275

I was having an off-line discussion with Ray about the T275 match and I promised him I would make a scan of my box. The box was wrapped in plastic and I thought: let’s do him a favor and make a scan without the plastic. When I did this, the box (partly) fell apart and to my surprise I noted a little paper inside. I took the paper out and see for yourself what it is.

Front of box

Back of box

and this is the paper that was inside

The cartridges have headstamp FA (nato) 56 and have a blue primer.
Interesting is also that the box is relabelled, but it is not possible to see what is underneath.

Questions I have are:

  1. anybody seen this paper before ?
  2. did FA put this in all match boxes ?
  3. this is sub-lot M. How many sub-lots are there ? do they all have this paper ?
  4. were these papers also included in 30-06 match boxes ?

I know lots of questions, but anyway . . .
Thanks for your help



That is a great box. Thanks for sharing it.

I can’t answer all the questions but can make a try at some.

Including the test target in the box was a standard procedure for the International match cartridges. I can’t say if it was ALWAYS done but it is common.

The blue or green primer seal is what I would have expected to see on the T275 cartridges. T275E1 is usually loaded to a higher velocity and often has a green primer seal. The T275E2 and E3 usually have a flat brass primer and a black seal. A red primer seal indicates a load for Olympic use.

T275E4 is usually loaded in a MATCH headstamped case. The T275E4 became the XM118 in 1961 and M118 Match in 1964.

I’ve not seen any documentation of how many sub-lots there might have been. I have only seen a few references to the sub-lot procedures and they usually speak of 3. #1 for long range. #2 for short range & rapid fire. #3 for practice. But, I’ve seen a box with Sub Lot AA, and another with no Sub Lot that was rubber stamped “Practice”.

Notice the use of the word “usually”. I don’t think anyone has a good handle on all of the 7.62x51 International.

I can’t say what you might encounter with the boxed 30-06 International Match cartridges. I’d guess that the procedures, markings, packaging, etc were not much different than what was used with the 7.62x51. Chris P would probably know.

The post Korean War '06 Match became the T291 in 1957 and M72 in 1958.



A couple thoughts.

International Match cartridges also can be found in different OAL. I’m not exactly sure why. Possibly for differing rifle chambers?

The low velocity cartridges, such as your box, were generally intended for 300 meter shooting only. I’m not sure how they would have been divided into Sub Lots. Maybe based strictly on accuracy??

A lot to learn and I’m certainly far from an expert. Hell, I’m a bit shy of even being a novice.


Um, you mean 1957 for the T291 don’t you?


You’re right, of course. That’s what happens when I try to type with2 fingers.

I’m sure Rene spotted it but was too polite to say anything. He knows more about the "06 than I ever will.

I edited my post so that no one starts looking for a box of FA 75 MATCH. ;)