30 mauser or tokarev


These seem to be Finnish boxes. Are they 30 Mauser or Tokarev. The shells are unheadstamped brass with gilding metal bullets.



I have asked about the rounds when they were on auction and the boxes were mostly unheadstamped, but had Russian headstamped 7.62T rounds mixed in!



They are generally repackaged Soviet Tokarev rounds that the Finns captured in their Winter War with the USSR. You will also find a smattering of later, headstamped Soviet rounds that probably came from stocks captured by the Germans. Some of those “capture” boxes will also have headstamped 7.63 Mauser rounds that the Soviets picked-up at some point and added to their supply chain.


Jon, before 1941 some SS units were armed with this surplus bought pistols.
To my information no regular German unit had this C96 pistols.

Were would the Soviets picked-up this German made ammunition.



Willem, the Soviets imported quite a bit before the war.

This included Mauser C-96 and Walther PP/PPK + ammo.



Alex, I know they imported these pistols before WW2.
Confusing for me was what Jon wrote about the Soviets picked up German ammo.
Means to me that by the redrawn of German troops ammo was found.

Sorry for the confusion.


Nice picture. Thanks for showing.


Ah, ok.


The Soviets most-likely did make some late 1920s-early 1930s commercial purchases from German firms, but they also “inherited” the weapons/ammunition stocks of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Eastern Poland. I believe many of the fired cases found at the Katyn Forest were from the same time period.


Katyn was Geco 7.65x17SR to what I remember.
My guess there would be purchases from Germany in the 1930s as in particular the NKVD was using the Walther PP/PPK.


True, Alex. I just meant that the 7.65s were from a similar time period as the 7.63s in the Finnish repack boxes, and could have entered Soviet service at about the same time.


Thanks all.


Yes EOD our friendly liberators had a whole suit case of these Walters brought in from Germany to
facilitate their service to mankind with greater efficiency end speed and in the name of their Bolchevic
pipe dream.