30 Mauser question

Are these round re loads?? 30 Mauser

One of the few head stamps

Bullet reminds me of the 110 grain Plinker.


From the fuzzy picture, I don’t immediately recognize the bullet - looks almost like a Hornady 100 grain half jacket meant for the M1 Carbine, but which would work with the Mauser, or perhaps the Speer equivalent. I think the Speer would be more likely, as the Hornady, thinking of it, is a bit more pointed and has no shoulder at the half jacket, but as I recall the Speer does (and never worked well in the Carbine for me because of it).

However, with a question like that, a lot more information would be desireable. First and foremost, the headstamp. Second, the material of the primer cup (brass, copper, nickel, etc.). Third, is the bullet lead, lead point half-jacketed, FMJ, or what? Finally, a picture of the entire cartridge, preferably in sharp focus.

It is difficult to evaluate rounds as factory or possible reloads without some information.

Hi John,

I got these rounds today in a old Western box. The h/s’s are mixed. Yes the bullet is lead with what looks like a copper gas check. I will take a better photo.


It looks to me like a reload utilizing the ‘plinker’ bullet as well.
I could be wrong, but I also don’t think that Rem-UMC used nickel plated primers like that. It is most likely a Winchester small pistol primer.

Looks like we all agree that it is a reload with a Speer “Plinker” 100 grain hlf-jacket bullet.

However, the headstamp “REM-UMC 30 CAL” of the smaller-print variety lasted from the beginning of Remington production of this caliber well into the era of flat, nickel-plated primer cups. I have two specimens with different bullets with the combination of small letters and flat nickel cup in my own collection. They continued the use of this primer into the era when they had enlarged the headstamp letters slightly, and used it at the end of their production of this caliber when the headstamp had changed to “REM-UMC 30 MAUS”.

That the cartridges all have this same bullet and are mixed headstamps pretty well guarantees they are reloads.