.30 Military or Commercial

Can anyone please tell me if the five bullets are Military or commercial please…thanks paul.

I would say: all commercial


You didn’t ask for opinions on collectibility, but I’ll give you mine anyway, for free.

Number 1 is the newest of the 5 and the most common. Numbers 2, 3, and 4 are pre-WW2 and should be worth a small premium. Number 5 is a teeny bit more collectable than the others because it is loaded with an early version of the REM-UMC Bronze Point Expanding patented bullet.

If it is not too late, you should try to remove the clear tape. Differences in the patina can only get worse as the cartridges age.



Number 4 is 220 grain, as you noted, and is Remington’s “Express Mushroom” bullet. The cartridges are found in the blue and green Remington “Train” boxes…