30 mm DEFA Aircaft Revolvers Guns is printed in English!


The story of 30 mm Defa Aircraft Revolver Guns and their ammunition
(from the Mauser projects MG213/20 and MK 213/30 to their successors, the Mauser BK27 and Giat 30M791)

The book in english language it’s done and printed !!!
Printed with the same quality as french work.

This week, the author study for best shipping and best price ( 45 euros or equivallent in USD or englih money + shipping coast)
The author can now accept Paypal .

Mail for order about is : mandubius.bellator@orange.fr

Best Regards, Dan

Great to hear, will it be available at the Dutch ECRA show next week?

Hi dont think the author claude can go to Dutch Ecra show, perhaps some french friend can go, but it’s difficult now, question of time …
The books are printed, it’s possible to obtain it by postage.
Bsrg, Dan

Last I heard from Claude was four weeks ago, and he was certainly intending to be at Landhorst then.

Good night Tony
Yes, you right, i see Claude this afternoon, he confirm me he go to Dutch ECRA meeting with Defa books
Best Regards