30 mm XM140 WECOM (30x100B)


I got the shown round and have some questions.
The case is made of aluminium (others I know have a brass case). Except the headstamp are no markings on it.

The model no. of the case is XM193B1E (see headstamp pic). So I think XM193 is the model of the original (brass?) case, B1 the first change of material (aluminium) and E meant the experimental status of the aluminium case.
Can somebody confirm this?

Another question: my one is called “drill round”, but there are no according markings on it. One of two drills I know has a “DUMMY” headstamp and a piece of rubber instead a primer, the other is stencilled with “DUMMY” on the projectile and a screw instead of a primer.
So I don’t really believe, that my one is a drill round, maybe some kind of “handout-dummy”? Note that there is no crimp!
And again: Can somebody confirm this and has comparable rounds?

Every information is welcome. Especially drawings, pics or documents …

Thanks a lot.

I used to have a very similar round except the case was brass. On mine, if you seperate the projectile from the case it is written, “30MM PROOF” on the bottom of the projectile. Maybe yours is also a proof round?


Do yours have the same headstamp? Or an else one?

I’m sorry, my proj is not seperatable although there is no crimp and I don’t want to pull it brutal (I’m afraid of damaging the case). But “30MM PROOF” sounds interesting. Can you post pics of the round and the proj?

I don’t have the round anymore but I found these pics. Bummer no clear shots of the headstamp but I remember both the projectile and case were stenciled as 30MM PROOF.


Hi Jason,

thanks showing your 30 MM PROOF. It’s very interesting with the stenciled markings on the head.
But I don’t think that my one is a proof-round, cause it missed this stenciling.

Anyone else with further Informations or a round like mine with an aluminium case?

Really nobody in the homeland of this caliber or elsewhere?