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Interesting stuff for sale Dave. Would definitely pick up one of the .50 SSBs if I could.
I just have to be really picky about one thing I saw…

> Adopted by the U.S. Military in 1923 the .50 BMG has been used longer than any other cartridge in military history.

Unless you mean strictly US military history, the longest serving (and still serving) cartridge is the 7,62x54R adopted in 1891 and still used in many countries worldwide.

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The .38 Smith and Wesson cartridge’,first appearing in 1879, is still used by our military as a grenade launching blank inserted into the case head of the low pressure 40 MM practice grenade. It is shorter than the .38 Special and is just right for this application. In the 1980’s CCI made at least two experimental variations using Berdan primed, aluminum .38 S&W cases. I have the original, hand printed work orders for both types. I’ll go to the library tomorrow and see if I can scan and post them here.

You may wish to list in the regular forum

Sorry Dave, I thought that I was posting a reply in the General section of the Forum about the oldest military cartridge still in use. Bill