.30 Pedersen Dummy?

Just got this solid turned steel dummy, purported to be a .30 Pedersen dummy out of Frankford Arsenal. No reason to doubt that, but I can’t find any reference to it in WHS or any other source. No markings found. Possible function or box maker dummy? Anyone familiar with this or have any other thoughts?


Nobody else has an example, or any information?

Jonny, remember that the 30 Pederson is practically identical to the 7.65mm Long French Pistol so this machined dummy (without any markings including FA) may have been intended for French use ??

Just a thought !

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That was one of the reasons I got it…just in case. But the bullet profile appears to be much more Pedersen than French.

I agree with Jonny. I have about 50 variations of the 7.65 French Long made in France, including 9 different dummy rounds, and all of them have the longer bullet, similar to the second version of the .30 Pedersen rounds. None have a short bullet. All my Pedersen rounds of the first version have a bullet that despite possible tiny variation in ogive, have a projectile that gives them about the same OAL as Jonny’s cartridge. If the case length is correct for the Pedersen (it is not mentioned) then I would said this particular dummy is Pedersen, certainly NOT 7.65 French Long.

Nice find Jon. Have never even heard of a one-piece steel dummy in this caliber before, or at least not that I can recall.

John Moss

Thanks, John.
I didn’t think about measurements, sorry.
Bullet diameter: 7.89mm. “Case” length: 19.87mm. O/A length: 27.48mm.

Jon - thank you. I would think for sure that this is a Pedersen dummy, very possibly a box-maker’s round. I think most US gauges in the form of cartridges - usually headspace gauges - are with markings.

Nice find!

John Moss

I agree. As I stated in my first post, I would think that it might be a box-maker dummy, or possibly for use in testing magazine function, but not any type of gauge.