.30 Reece, a new wildcat

Here’s a new one for those who are inclined to collect wildcats. This is the .30 Reece, based on a necked and trimmed .357 case. This particular one has a 150 grain .308 bullet.

I’m not sure if this is still technically a wildcat, since the headstamped cases are being produced by Hornady, and several companies, including T/C, chamber barrels for it. Loading dies are also available from the gentleman who developed the cartridge, Carson Reece.

Here’s a picture of the chamber reamer drawing.


Is it a wildcat?? That’s a good question. Brings us back to discussions we have had on the Forum before.

The 30 Reece is certainly based on a wildcat or two, assuming Reece knew they existed. I have 2. The 30/357 Hoskins and another using the rimmed 222 Remington case instead of the 357. I have no idea what the name of the latter is. I believe the two were made orginally to be fired in Winchester M92 rifles rather than the Contender pistol but I suppose they could have been used in either.

I don’t have a photo of them but may take one tomorrow when that relentless AZ sun comes up.


I don’t think there is ANY question that this is NOT a wildcat. Doesn’t matter who designed it or what the history of the cartridge is. This headstamp is from a recognized, commercial ammunition factory, properly headstamped with their name and the correct caliber designation. Further, its not even a proprietary cartridge since it doesn’t have a “Reece” headstamp, but rather the headstamp of the factory that made it, Hornady. This is (or if made in wildcat form before, “has become”) simply a new caliber in a factory cartridge now offered on the market.

I should have also pointed out that it is not loaded commercially, only the cases are available.

Hi Guy - that is important information to know, that it is sold only as brass. However, doesn’t change my view that this is not a wildcat. The cartridge case type is formalized by the fact that it is made, properly headstamp and formed, by a major ammunition company. Any loading in the case, or the fact it is sold unloaded, is irrelevent to that, in my opinion.


All that you have written is correct, of course. I was going to ask the question as to whether or not Hornady actually intended to produce and sell loaded ammunition but Guy has answered that.

Cartridges like the 30 Reece only help to blur the lines between Wildcats and Commercial and they are one of the reasons I have no interest in the “new” wildcats or in new commercial cartridges, for that matter. Ten or 15 years ago, guys such as Reece would have had to settle for necked down 357 Magnum or 38 Special brass and his cartridge would have been a true wildcat, much as the the 30/357 Hoskins is. But today, ammunition manufacturers are a small part of big corporations intrested in capturing their share of growing markets and many are willing to throw out as many new products as they can in the hope that one or two will stick. That’s why we see outfits like Hornady and Nosler willing to produce and market new cartridges that will probably never be accepted by the average shooter and will soon disappear.

I believe all collectors face this same dilemma. Whether it’s stamps, coins, postcards, buttons, or even automobiles. There are simply more people in the world with leisure time and disposable income and too few real “collectables” to go around. What serious collectors would have considered to be junk just a few short years ago are now sought after by the younger generation.

But, enough of that. I’ll get off my soapbox.


Photo of the 30/357 Hoskins and the unknown 30/357 made from a 222 Rimmed case. From the weight of the cartridges I am guessing that they are loaded with bullets in the 125 grain range.

PS - I just remembered another 30/357 wildcat in my collection. The 30 PICRA, from the Czech Republic. Virtually identical to the Hoskins.


That these companies are willing to produce these ‘properly headstamped’ cartridges that may not catch on is good for the collectors down the road, who will have an interesting array of additional cartridges, some harder to find than others, to add to their collections.

As I understand it from Hornady, they produced the cases as a straight case 38 Special for Carson Reece who then had the cases necked and loaded. Now, what is the question about wildcats.

A good piece of information. In my view they are still not woldcats since they are properly headstamped. They become proprietary cartridges.

What a shame it is on these old threads, many of which surface again with new and interesting information like Gary supplied on this one, that the pictures disappear.

John–The pictures only disappear because the original poster removed the pictures from the source, usually PhotoBucket. Many people think that once the image appears on the Forum that it is no longer needed on PhotoBucket. But, our Forum only LINKS to the PhotoBucket site. We do not store the images on our own server. Getting a large enough server so we can host our own image file, and thus control it, is one of my Christmas wishes, but due to the cost of that much space, I am afraid it will not happen soon, if ever.

[color=red]HINT: If the image is importent to you, download it to your own computer!! It might be gone tomorrow.[/color]

I’m not sure why the pictures I posted of the .30 Reece have disappeared. I’ll need to look into this, as they were hosted on my web page. Here’s a picture of the cartridge:

Since my photo was one that disappeared, I feel obligated to explain.

Not too long ago I discovered that my Photobucket account had been wiped clean - every image was gone. I don’t know why and would not even attempt to explain it.

I thought about restoring the images but I realized that I have hundreds of photos in my photo collection and no way of knowing which ones had been posted on the Forum through photo bucket. So I simply decided to start fresh and re-post those that guys asked about. Scroll up and you’ll see the photo from my May 2007 post.

One strange thing that happened. A few days ago I put a new image into my photobucket account - the one of the 155mm Howitzer in Afghanistan- and for some strange reason it showed up on an unrelated thread from a long time ago.

Bottom line is I gave up a long time ago trying figure out this computer.


Has anyone on the board heard from Carson Reece recently? I have been trying to get some more of his dummies to put on my web page ‘for sale’ list, but can’t seen to get him at the e-mail address I had used earlier.

Ron - I don’t download them to my computer - I print them out. Then I know they will not get lost. I was lamenting in the cause of other people, not me. Everyone knows I am drowning in paper, but I can find things quicker and more certainly than if I put them somewhere in this infernal machine.