30 Rim Fire ID Help

I’ve had this 30 RF in my collection for many years but have never been able to give it a positive ID. It falls between the 30 RF short and 30 RF long. There is a slight ring viisble on the base but no tick marks or other identifiable marks. Any thought or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!


Bullet: .296
C/L: .553
Rim: .346
Head: .295
Mouth: .295
O/L: .935

Looks like a British .297. The case length of these covered a pretty wide range.


Thanks Paul…I did notice the similarity between this round and the .297 British round except in Datig’s Vol IV book it list the .297 case length as .518 and with a dish base. It is also very similar to the .297 Sharps Rim Fire, also in Datig’s Vol IV book, except he lists the case length as .589. Again, this round is somewhere in between. Maybe just a longer case .297 British?

Barber list the case length of .297 rimfires as 0.490 to 0.569" and total length from 0.853 to 0.950".
I have .297 with case lengths from 0.535 to 0.565 and possible one 0.585 (still trying to ID it for sure).


Good enough for me! Thanks so much Paul.