30 Tround


I have two 30 Tround ctges

Both have regular primer and powder in their case.
One is closed by a screw, the other one by a brass insert.

  1. What are they excatly ?
  2. Which one is the scarcest ?


I have 3 different .30 rds and have them listed as HiVAP function test rds.
2 as your picture and a third with an epoxy (?) seal over a copper insert, this is the only one that has a staked primer.


HIVAP trounds. For experimental US machine-gun. To my point of view they are all same rarity.


But are they FACTORY MADE functionnal test dummy, or one is genuine and the other made by a guy (like for the 50 Tround) ??



As far as I know all 3 types with different bullets were factory made.