30 x 100B WECOM

Does anyone have a projectile weight for the the 30x100B WECOM round as used in the experimental XM-140 and XM-188 helicopter guns?

Thanks for any help.

Hi Tony, the XM639 TP projectile weighs 193 g.

Thanks Fede! I have a muzzle velocity of 670 m/s. Is this correct for this projectile?

Tony, it could be right because it depends on which weapon was fired. Different projectiles loaded on this 30x100B case were used in the WECOM 30, XM140, XM188 and XM230 cannons.

Muzzle velocity fired in the standard 1.067" barrel of the WECOM 30 barrel was 682 m/s.

Edit: Both the XM30 and XM52 are turrets mounting the XM140.

I found a mention of a muzzle velocity of 670 m/s (2200 fps) and a projectile weight of 195 g (3100 gr) in this comparative table between the GAU-8, XM140 and XM188 cannons. These are evidently rounded figures.

Thanks again, Fede.