30 x 113mmB Rounds in Ammunition Strip (?)


Below are front and back photos of ten 30 x 113mmB rounds (inert) loaded in an ammunition strip (?) or ammunition tray (?) or clip (?) that holds eleven rounds. What is the correct name/term for this ammunition holder?

I’ve looked through the manuals I have but cannot locate any information on how these are used. Can anyone provide information on how these ammunition holders are used?

Any information or corrections are very much appreciated!




They are used in the Apache Gunship helicopter’s 30mm cannon, i believe purely to facilitate loading the cannons magazines.


Loading strip based on the Hotchkiss principle. Just that the cartridges get fed into an endless chain in the magazine.
BTW, both the rockets and the 30mm ammo are Inert warhead practice rounds…known colloquially as “BluePrac”. The firing charge works, but the projectile/ war head is inert. Some do have a small smoke charge to evidence a hit.

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Takapu & Doc,

Thank you both for the information and feedback, much appreciated!



From my own collection:

Grtz, and a very nice Christmas!

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Hi Brian, it’s designated “Strip, Ammunition, Metallic” or “Bulk, Ammunition, Strip” (BAS).



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Thanks very much.



Looks like the strip is just the right size to fit into one of the metal ammo cans, not a coincidence, I bet.


Must be a bit confusing at times, the Bulk, Ammunition,Strip (BAS) goes in to the Box,Ammunition Steel (BAS). ; )

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Here is a video showing how they are used and loaded.


Oh the fun you could have with those HEDP rounds…


Wow, looked like around 8 minutes or more of actual time for around 50rds loaded, and the feed trays were not working correctly, so they stuffed them in manually? If it were more like a pit crew, and if the trays worked with a faster rate of feed, then I could see more like 1000rds in that same time.


Depends much on the end one is on… :-)

The one is “fun” and the other is “fu…”!


While not directly related, I believe these “links” may be for some type of automatic loading machine for the M230, or part of the M230 itself? Made of cast steel and the rounds simply sit in them and would be dragged along through a chute.

The M230 and the 30x113 cartridges are certainly one of my favourites.


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Excellent pictures, thanks for sharing. It is a section of the ammunition feeder.


Awesome! Glad to know for sure now! Thanks for the photo!