30 x 173mm A-10 Warthog gun ammo becoming once fired brass

It sure does shoot fast!
Makes us appreciate how important it is that every round function exactly the same, and must be made to withstand a lot of stresses during loading and firing.


Neet! Just a side note of some interest, The 30x173mm creates so much recoil, that special considerations have to be made to maintain proper aircraft performance. Pulling the trigger on this monster not only engages the gun, but it also initiates actions in the aircraft. One action is the VG (variable guide vanes) actuators will close to their lowest angle of attack. It makes for a less efficient engine, but it keeps the engine from stalling from the huge recoil. I guess the military doesn’t want to have to eject right over a target they just shot up.

This gun also made the profession of tank commander much less attractive for some nations.


Souldn’t the title of this thread be:

“30 x 173mm A-10 Warthog gun ammo becoming once fired ALUMINIUM” (or aluminium if you’re in the USA)?

Has 30x173 ever been made with brass cases?

I saw one example at a recent Bisley ECRA meeting. British made, as I recall. My best guess is that it might have been a part of a development project which led to the Rarden gun - perhaps they tried 30x173 before settling on 30x170?