300 AAC Blackout (7.62x35)


I just noticed this cartridge, and a search of the forum shows no previous mention of it. I guess it is usually intended for use with a 9" PDW AR upper and a suppressor. Anybody see any of these yet?
According to Wikipedia it was approved by SAAMI on Jan 17th, 2011.


I heard about it from this thread on another site:
thehighroad.org/showthread.p … c+blackout

Seems like a .300 Whisper.


Check out the Silencer Talk website; the developer hangs out there and there is a board devoted to the cartridge. It’s a SAAMI-registered version of the .300 Whisper and seems to be getting the attention of the big boys.


It seems like a really good compromise between the .223 and the bigger AR rebated-rim types like the .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM, etc… It obviously doesn’t have quite the punch of those larger projectiles, but a match hollow-point in .30cal which is silencer compatible is very handy and hits pretty hard. And the 30rd capacity can be a deal-maker as compared to the 10rd capacity of those big-bore types.


In geletin tests, the match hollow-points don’t generally expalnd, which is why they were ruled by the Army JAG as legal for use in combat (snipers). At the velocitys one would get from this small cartridge, I don’t see any difference between using a match HP and a FMJ as far as “hitting hard” goes…

Of course, the match HP bullets are not designed to expand, but rather to simply have the base of bullet totally enclosed in GM, rather than the point. The true flat of the base is much more important to accuracy of the projectile than is the point of the bullet.


With the supersonic loadings, it’s ballistically a duplicate of the 7.62x39 M1943 Kalashnikov in a more compact package.


The ‘Whisper’ cartridges were an underground success of sorts, but very few end-user deployments.

With AAC’s backing and factory fodder from Remington (and at least one smaller-batch maker in talks), the Blackout should be able to make the leap.

Hopefully at least one manufacturer will produce a reliable, affordable 16" upper to assist with the cartridge’s success outside of the .mil/.le/.NFA world.

I am so glad to see this, Baer’s 6x45mm, and other standard-platform larger-bore AR chamberings becoming popular.

In ‘related news’ I’ve seen AWC’s new subsonic 9mm 158gr (loaded by TTI armory) in the stores. Cool box, vanilla load. Winchester headstamp FYI.